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Who are Serconnect?
Serconnect are an amalgamation of 4 existing companies, formed to provide connections under the Lloyds accredited NERS scheme.
What is the NERS scheme?
The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) is a UK wide accreditation scheme operated by Lloyd's Register. Its purpose is to assess the technical competence of Independent Connection Providers to design, project manage and carry out electrical connections.
Do you work on overhead lines?
With our inhouse DNO trained overhead linesmen, we can undertake any overhead connections, construction or diversion works on HV & LV overhead lines.
What is an ICP?
An ICP is an accredited company that can build electricity networks to agreed standards and quality required for them to be owned by either a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) such as Electricity North West or an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO).
What is a DNO?
Distribution network operators are companies licensed to distribute electricity in Great Britain by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets.
What is an IDNO?
Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) develop, operate and maintain local electricity distribution networks. IDNO networks are directly connected to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) networks or indirectly to the DNO via another IDNO.
Who are ofgem?
The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, supporting the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, is the government regulator for the electricity and downstream natural gas markets in Great Britain. It was formed by the merger of the Office of Electricity Regulation and Office of Gas Supply.
I need an electricity connection, who do I need to contact?
Serconnect can see your electricity connection through from start to finish without the need to involve the DNO. If you project involves a single connection onto existing network or the installation of new high voltage equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options.
Where are you based?
We have staff throughout the northwest based in Greater Manchester, Preston and Cumbria but we’re willing to travel to anywhere in the UK

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