The Serconnect team can undertake all aspects of 11kV substation work, from a simple maintenance to a brand-new installation, fully connected and commissioned in-house.

& Switchgear

To enable a sustainable product, our in-house senior authorised engineers, electrical fitters and cable jointers can safely conduct work on all types of transformers and 11kV switchgear including:

  • Routine maintenance to ensure longevity for your equipment
  • Repairs of malfunctioning equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Brand-new installations or upgrades to improve efficiency and reliability


Our in-house cable jointers are able to joint or terminate all HV and LV cable types, including:

  • Steel wire armoured LV
  • Steel wire armoured 3 core polymeric HV
  • HV and LV singles

With our vast experience of jointing methods, techniques and cable types, all work is carried out to the highest standard in accordance with relevant safety regulations and jointing instructions.


If you currently own a substation and need to modernise for increased efficiency and reliability, increase capacity output, or have any other needs or concerns, please get in touch. Our experienced staff will be happy to talk through any requirements you have and advise a plan of action.

Drop us an email at for more information.


We can undertake any aspect of civil works on new or existing substations, including:

  • Excavation and reinstatement within and around the substation compound
  • Concrete plinth casting for the landing of new switchgear
  • Installation of substation GRP housings

Cable Laying
& Installation

We work alongside leading civil engineering contractors to carry out all aspects of work surrounding the excavation of joint holes and cable trenches, cable duct and containment installation and the backfill and reinstatement of all surface types.


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