We are accredited to provide a variety of work including high voltage or low voltage industrial and commercial connections, domestic connections for a single plot or larger development

High Voltage
Cable Jointing

All of our in-house workforce are DNO trained and authorised up to 11kV. We can undertake any type of live or dead jointing work on all cable types using safe working practices.

Our in-house high voltage cable jointers provide an excellent professional service using a variety of jointing methods to joint and terminate all high voltage cable types. With a well-established in-house team, Serconnect can assure that the job will be completed in a seamless manner.

Low Voltage
Cable Jointing

With a combined jointing experience of over 70 years, our Low Voltage jointers are authorised for live work on all types of mains, including consac, services and terminations. We can design, construct, test and commission brand-new networks for new developments, including the final connection to the DNO equipment.

Cable Laying
& Civil Works

We work alongside leading civil engineering contractors to carry out all aspects of work, including:

  • The excavation of joint holes and cable trenches
  • Cable and duct installation
  • The backfill and reinstatement of all surface types

We provide a comprehensive cable fault diagnosis, location and repair service for our clients on substation plant and equipment. We take pride in our prompt services and endeavour to make the site safe and operational as efficiently as possible.


If you have a fault on your non-DNO owned underground cables / network, feel free to contact us to discuss the possibility of emergency fault cover.

Serconnect can provide emergency fault repair cover for our clients, and have personnel situated across the North West with vast experience in underground fault location and repair.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


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